Thanks to many of the blogs I read nightly I stumbled on to Glogster.  As described on the website, “Glogster is a creative, and innovative digital outlet that captures learner’s excitement for online creations, keeps learners engaged in course content, and makes teaching and learning more fun.”   Like this one on George Washington.  It reminds me of the cut and paste on a poster board projects from my youth!  Or this Glogster on Charles Darwin and the study of Evolution.  Photos are linked to websites, embeded Youtube videos, art and text written by the student. This last one features music of the Andes is Great!  Check these and others out on Glogster.


Computer Lab? What is it good for?

Larry Ferlazzo’s article on  WHAT DO YOU DO IN THE COMPUTER LAB provides excellent insight into today’s dilemma for so many elementary educators.  Many students still need to learn that computers are not simply toys but are gateways to further their education. In fact, one of the goals of technology education is to teach kids how to use computer lab software in a way that will make them productive members of the 21st century. Larry’s suggests that we use computers more to reinforce key concepts. 

Here are examples of  items  that illustrate how computers can be used by the elementary teachers

1. Youblisher – Publish PDFs as Online Magazines
2. Google Earth Across the Curriculum – not just for social studies and this link provides further examples. And view this PDF on google earth.
3. Google Earth Layer About the Earthquake in Haiti
4. Active Science – Interactive Periodic Table and other elearning experiences
5. Google Docs Options where you can create, manage and share documents online
6. Placefy: A Picture-Based Geography Game is fun geographic game that teaches you about world cities in pictures.


Learning Parts of Speech with the Grammar Gorillas

Learning the various parts of speech can be difficult for young learners. Grammar Gorillas help you understand the grammatical classifications and help him or her master the concepts.

Grammar Gorillas is a fun online activity for students to gain knowledge of parts of speech. The student is presented with a sentence and two words are clickable. The student has to use the mouse to click one of the highlighted words. If the student clicks on the correct word, a banana is given to the gorilla. If the student is unsure of the part of speech a help section is below the question.  The activity is available for beginners and for advance students.