PowerPoint Mouse Mischief

Increase your response with Microsoft’s addition to PowerPoint. Try a little Mischief.

Mouse Mischief integrates into Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, letting you insert questions, polls, and drawing activity slides into your lessons. And best of all, the download is free.

Students can actively participate in these lessons by using their own mice to click, circle, cross out, or draw answers on the screen.
As Teachers, you feel connected to your students because they can gauge individual and whole-group status quickly and frequently.


Quizlet – flashcard creator & activities

Home Screen

Quizlet is a great way to memorize vocabulary lists. Supplement your lessons, and extend the days learning to the home computer.  Wow…flashcards, but much more fun and interactive.

Quizlet founder, Andrew Sutherland, has announced recent improvements to the Quizlet website.

Like the flashcards I grew up with, this flashcard program allows  the teacher to a create unique tool to support the classroom lessons.

Teachers need to create an account before creating flashcards, and you can sign up through Facebook. Easy!


I found that it was easy to search for flash cards that supported my lessons first, before creating ones of my own.  I created a folder in “My favorites” titled Quizlet, and added to my favorites the links.  Then exported that folder to my classroom laptops.

For my first set I would navagate to the Quizlet dashboard, (my dashboard), click on the link next to Sets, Create one.

A new page opens and your ready to fill in the blanks to create your classroom flashcards.  Title, subject and description, and allow everyone to see the cards was easy.  The terms and descriptions I had on my word documents.  From Word I cut and pasted each card to the cells.    Add a row feature in the bottom left of the screen allows more cards.  I first used this application for States and Capitals.   I found the students loved playing with Quizlet, and oh yeah, they were learning at the same time.  Parents noted that their child enjoyed the online practice and at home, and several noted how well their student did on the final test.  Parents have told me what a huge difference this practice has made for their child.  And for some it made studying the states and capitals a lot easier.


Glogster – Alternative to Book Reports

Announce a Book report!  Oh my – bring on the anxiety for some reluctant readers. You can hear them whinning for the next 15 minutes, as you make the effort to explain how different this book report will be.

In my last post on Glogster  I addressed the  creative, and innovative digital outlet that captures learner’s excitement for online creations.  Enter technology. 

Glogster.edu  is great for students who are visual learners because it focuses on visual literacy (not just the written word). 

And it’s a fun, and imaginative learning experience which encourages independent creative self expression, positive learner-teacher relationships, and teamwork on collaborative class projects.

This Glogster on George Washington includes images, video, text and relevant links.   It reminds me of the cut and paste on a poster board projects from my youth!   Photos are linked to websites, embeded Youtube videos, art and text written by the student. This last one features music of the Andes is Great! 

Ready to create your own?

Join the site (free).  Registration requires teacher email. Once you have registered and confirmed by email, teachers can establish up to 200 student accounts without student emails. Take time to view “new glogs” within the EDU area to get some ideas. Don’t miss several teacher-friendly, download the PDF Educators Resource guide (center of home page), step by step tutorials in print and multimedia formats. The advantage of http://edu.glogster.com/  over Glogster is that once a virtual classroom is established, students will only be able to see the Glogs created within their teacher’s group.

 Creating a digital picture book report.

Think about motion picture posters, they give just enough information to give you a feeling of what the movie will be about. They contain information about the movie.   These include the title of the movie, the major actors or players. Students can use Glogster to create an online book report  that acts as an advertisement for the book they just read. Students should include the title and author of the book, key characters, use pictures, and web links, that support the story line, and create an interest that will make fellow students want to read the book.  I used this Biography Book Report Glogster to introduce a report. And found this poster rubric to help out glogster project rubric.

I found it necessary to practice on Glogster.  Getting familiar with the tools, layout of items, and searching for photos, would take up a 45 minute class. I expected this project to take 5 class visits to the computer lab, each 45 minutes long.