Kindergarten Reflections

Memories of my son in kindergarten flashed in my head as I read over this blog entry from kidergarten is the model. Nick so enjoyed the building blocks and pretend play. The article kidergarten is the model for life long learning is how we should make the rest of school (indeed, the rest of life) more like kindergarten. One of the treasured art projects that Nick created at the end of school is similar to this one:

Title – Leaving A Lasting Mark
By – Taylai
Primary Subject – Art
Grade Level – K-2

If you want to show your students that they indeed “left their mark” and that you will not forget them, try this idea.

Take paint and let your students leave their handprints on your cabinet doors. If this is not possible, then have them print a paper covered bulletin board or long paper banner. Be sure to write their first and last name next to their prints.

From the Blog of Random Thoughts it reminds us how precious our young learners are. And one further thought on spending time with Kindergartener’s at lunch time from Andrea.
Enjoy the weekend