Simplify Your Life During Summer

Schools out! Summers almost here, what better time to simplify and downsize your life!
Oh sure you have made the promise to clean the garage, paint the trim or pick a few weeds. But downsizing your life will allow you to be a better person and feel great inside. Joshua Becker reminds us that to simplify your life “…is the simple reality that it costs less. As you accumulate fewer things, you spend less money..” Just think, decluttering your house, garage, and life could improve your bottom line! Maybe this is the summer you give to the local charity, or start that e-bay account, and downsize your life. The ebook that Joshua wrote is a simple, straightforward guide to simplifying your life .

The Minimalist Business wrote of his To visit Becoming Minimalist.“ebook:
“One of the best minimalist books I have read in a long time… One of the most important aspects of this book for me is that it’s written from a family perspective. There aren’t many minimalist books like that and I can only be happy that thanks to Joshua we finally have one.”
“This e-book is an easy, quick read, and it flows nicely. It has some interesting differences from other decluttering books I have read, and presents the information in an accessible way.” -LJ at Simple Productivity Click here to visit Becoming Minimalist.“> And if you have not used an ebook before, they are wonderful. Never get dusty, or pages torn. They fit well on your computer. Here is a screen shot of this book:

See…perfect size too! So, put away the paint, cause you’ll never really do it, and try Joshua’s book. Click here to visit Becoming Minimalist.“>