Personalized Learning via Technology

Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology by Grace Rubenstein is an excellent article refered to me.
To challenge and support each child at his or her own level, the educators of Forest Lake Elementary deploy a powerful array of digital-technology tools. Discover what your school can learn.

Which took me to Digital tools, article By Kathleen Kennedy Manzo, for defining and targeting students’ strengths and weaknesses could help build a kind of individualized education plan for every student.

At this New York middle school, every student gets a laptop to help extend the boundaries of education.

One final note on a new find for me InterroBang is a socially-networked, problem-solving, service-learning game in which K-12 students complete missions in the real world — an extension of the Smithsonian’s online conference “Problem Solving with Smithsonian Experts.” InterroBang players and experts award points for completed missions based on a problem-solving rubric. Supported by Microsoft and with input from the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse. Teacher go right to the “teachers” page for full details.