InterroBang?! Its a Game !

InterroBang?! is a game where you get to have fun with problems. Students complete real-world missions with deeds that can win prizes, improve problem solving skills, and connect them with others to do things that just might change the world.


We invite you to take part in an extraordinary undertaking: a game that will make learning both fun and rewarding by taking it out of the classroom, past the computer screen, and into the real world.

By utilizing social networking and games, we can harness student imagination and energy in a carbon-neutral, self-sustaining, learning machine.

But even with the added ingredients of Smithsonian experts, Microsoft free educational tools, and the ethics of Learn and Serve America – for InterroBang to work, it needs the essential catalyst. You. Teachers, mentors, educators.


Pick a MISSION. Start easy (10 points) and work you way up. There are many to chose from: more added every day. You can even suggest some.

 Make a PLAN. We’ll help you get started. Do it by yourself or collaborate with your friends and people on your team.

 Go out and DO IT. Have fun. Document what you’re doing with pictures, video, audio.

 PROVE you did it. Upload your pictures and videos. Tell us what about your experience.

 Connect with the community. Take a look at what other players are doing. Make strategic alliances.

 Create missions. Every mission you create gives you extra points

 Collect badges and win prizes.

 As a class, submit one mission for each of the Four Grand Challenges.