Salt Dough Tags for the Holidays

This year I was asked to look into salt dough ornaments for the students.  The teacher wanted a small colorful item they could glue the students class photo on the back, as a gift from student to parent.

Not having done this project before (really!) I experiment with the material before submitting to the homeroom teachers for approval. 

I used 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of salt and 1/2 of water.  Mixed, rolled to 1/4″ thickness and baked at 200 degrees for six hours.  The above image is the baked tags.  After cooling I painted the tags with  Daniel Smith Luminescent aztec gold acrylic paint, highlighted by red watercolor. I allowed the paint to dry overnight. 

I was able to download a collection of holiday clip art images to collage over the tag. Using Daniel Smith acrylic medium gloss, I coated the tag, and applied the handtorn images, covering the corners with white tissue paper, and recoating the whole tag with medium gloss.  I then worked small areas of the tag with the gold paint, trying to obtain a better merge of image and tag.  Small amount of epson salt was adhered to the side to keep with the holiday theme.