Class Project – Paper weaving

Last school year I was asked to work with the third grade class and create a class auction project for a fundraising event. 

As a quick introduction to me and the art project, the class created simple paper weaving with construction paper from the recycling bind in the workroom. Our next meeting the students created colorful paper for the project.

Each student received a small sheet of Bristol paper, watercolor from Daniel Smith Art, brush and cup of water.  We reviewed wet-on-wet, blowing color around, removing color with towels, and adding sea salt while drying.  At our next class the small sheets were dry, cut into short thin strips, reserving a 3″ x 4″ square for weaving.  

Students were encouraged to exchange strips to create a variety of visual colors in the weaving. In addition, each student chose a inspirational quote from the bible to incorporate into their weaving. When the student completed their weaving, mounted them on black foamcore board, adding additional strips to join each work together.  The project was then framed and offered for sale.