Abstract Landscape Collage

Inspiration for me comes from many visual places.  A recent posting on Pinterest reminded me of a collage project from Gerald Brommer’s book Collage Techniques.

I started creating paper swatches for the collage. Watercolor washes, bleach sprays (not for children), salted acrylic washes, and painted paper.landscape collage with paper 001 I was surprized by the color changes when spraying bleach and water onto colored construction paper.  The light golds in the brown, and the warm golds in the green sheet were a welcome addition.  Had time allowed I feel that paste paper would have been a better paper surface treatment.

For building the landscape I chose a Strathmore paper, 6 x 8″, 140 LB mixed media paper.

I collected the blue / green background sky and glued it at the top of the paper, allowing the edges to go off the small sheet. landscape collage with paper 002Trial arrangements were necessary for the remaining ground and foreground.  Many combinations were available.  I glued the sheets from the top down.  making the larger brown section on bottom. I was able to slip a small section of green inbetween the hills on the right side.

For interest sake I used my black glue where two color sheets met.landscape collage with paper 004

I was not to crazy about this, so I created another collage, this time without the black glue.


landscape collage with paper 005

Though not shown well in the photo, the bottom section is black construction paper with a water bleach spray. In one section the paper has a light green tone.


Here are both of the collages:


landscape collage with paper 006








Later I taught this lesson to my 3rd grade class. I used found papers, construction paper that was scheduled for recycle bin, and damaged paper ready the trash. Just two examples from the class:collage 3rd grade 005 collage 3rd grade 004