Substitute Teachers’ Links and Suggestions

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art classroom in 2001

Middle of June, one job interview, prospects looking mighty slim for an art teacher job this coming school year.

 I thought I would collect online articles, resources, documents  for the reality of substitute teaching in September.  Links below may help others in the teaching profession as well. 

Ideas for Substitute Teachers’ Business Cards Last year I was asked to leave notes for the homeroom teacher on “how the day went”.  The article addresses a professional manner in which your leaving a business card would appear to the returning teacher.  I would use Overnight Prints.  The cost for 100 cards starts around seven dollars.  I have used them, and the quality of cards is very professional.

My area of concern is classroom managment.  Ideas for Substitute Classroom Management  I get the feeling that  students break lose, carry on, mess off, and just misbehave when a substitute teacher.  “What can he do?  He’s a sub!” Behavior Management is another article on the subject “…Students challenge a substitute’s authority, bend rules…”  And Classroom Management Techniques for Substitute Teachers  further discussess special challenges that Substitute teachers face.

And finally I found the Creating a Substitute Teacher Tool Kit. This is a powerpoint, 29 slide, presentation from Jefferson County Schools.

Thanks to Angela Moore for this presentation. 

If your an Linkedin member you can join the Substitute Teachers Network. Just reading the posts have given me a refreshed outlook on subing.

 If you have suggestions for me and other teachers facing a new school year of substitute teaching, please drop me a line.