More Substitute Teachers’ Links suggestions

Several suggestions from the Linkedin group Substitute Teachers Network have encouraged further researching the topic of educating a teacher to be a substitute.  One presentation from Steve Vitto is here:


 Steven Vitto, M.A. Behavior Specialist, addresses What makes a good substitute teacher? Self-Control vs. External Control, and dealing with Our most challenging children. 

Practical Tips for Classroom Management in Elementary Schools is from the website SubAssistant discusses the biggest challenges of the day…classroom management. (my weakspot).  The article makes a great suggestion “begin each day by reviewing the classroom rules with the students.”  This will show that the substitute teacher is aware of the classroom rules.

From  Substitute Teaching Info comes 23 classroom management tips.  The first three :

  1. Give the student the “evil eye.”
  2. Walk toward the student.
  3. Stand close to the student.

Number two and three address one suggestion made by a fellow teacher “do not sit down, always keep moving around the classroom”.

And finally a post titled Don’t Sweat the small stuff is great advice for a substitute teacher.  Read it here. The web pages from Substitute Teacher Support has more articles worth reading .

One last note: I did stop by a local school district office to pick up a “Sub Teacher Packet”, and  glad I did.  The district states it take about four weeks to get through the paperwork, documentation, and application process before I can sub in this school district.

One further suggested reading : Substitute Survival: Tools You Can Use

Just found this PDF e-book

From Survive to Thrive: What Great Substitute Teachers Do Differently…/hr_ebook.pdf
you manage the classroom. education, instructional techniques, a positive and optimistic …… substitute teachers, classroom management is often even more.