Printmaking and Stamping with Foam Stickers

I was given a large sack of foam stickets shapes and letters. printing with foam 005Many used in various crafts over the months, but for the most part full sheets.

I always wanted to create printing plates and rubberstamps from this material, and this was a perfect time to experiment before the school year starts.

Using a wine cork I coated the ends with rubber cement,printing with foam1 001 and allowed it to dry.  Then peeled off a few letters and stuck them to the cork.  Trimming off the excess. I first tried  a used rubberstamp pad and then rolling acrylic paint out and inking with a brayer. Both worked well, however a rubberstamp pad would allow the younger student to be sucessful with a first try.

I found an old rubberstamp and removed the  old foam stamp impression and adheared the foam stickers.  These stuck very weprinting with foam1 002ll to wood and required no prep work.  I used the random shapes and lines.  I stamped on two sheets of watercolor paper. The abstract designs and splashes of color made for an interesting effect.

I then used the remaining foam sheet. Sticking all of the shapes down to a stiff sheet of cardboard. printing with foam 001printing with foam 002 Inked the plate using Daniel Smith Water based printing inks.  Worked the ink with a brayer and rolled it onto the plate.  I printed on a scrap of printmaking paper and rubbed with a Speedball Baren.

I was happy with the results of my quick work, and will introduce this project to my class in September.

printing with foam 003

student art projects 2014 003