Leaf Prints and Chalk

I was inspired to create a leaf print as described in the blog by Deep Space SparklePatty Palmer has the young artists use white paint on the leaves and sponges color around the leaf prints.fall leave chalkart

I chose to use white gesso and chalk.  I like the thickness of the gesso and texture that remains with the gesso is used in excess.

I chose leaves from my garden that were full, green and had strong veins on the backside.  I coated the backside of the leaf with gesso, and pressed the on the black construction paper.  Using a paper towel over the leaf, I rubbed all over the leaf, & pressing firmly. I moved the leaf to another area of the paper and made an second impression, this one was lighter than the first. I allowed the gesso  to dry completely before moving on.leave

Holding the chalk flat on the paper (not like a pencil or brush) I rubbed the chalk in one direction, away from me.  Using the chalk on the long flat side allows some of the black paper to peek through. I used blue and purple to accent the areas around the leaves, yellow and white highlights, with orange and red directly on the leaf prints.


chalk over gesso, printmaking with leaves

chalk over gesso, printmaking with leaves

student art projects 2014 001