OP Art Lines

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I began with a few lightly drawn pencil lines. Two lines drawn across the page, and several drawn vertical. starting pencil lines





In a circluar motion I drew the eye form, and drew around the eye several times.  Like a vortex, swirling around it.  Then moved on to the lines on the left and right of eye shape.

From the bottom edge I created a back and forth continuous line, between the pencil lines.  Back and forth, trying not to allow my pen to leave the page, and keeping the lines close together. Once finished with one shape I  turned the page around and created the other shape in the same manner. I was not paying attention to the horizontal lines (noted with a red arrow)

step one after pencil linies

Now for the middle section.  I would have to use one of the horizontal lines.  step two after pencil linesI chose the lower line, as noted with the red arrow. back and forthI created a half crest, drawing left to right, and then back again, moving up the shape, and between the lines.

Flipped the paper, and created again.  Drawing left to right, back and forth.

opart d jordan

Line Art Dennis Jordan, color pencil and black pen


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