Next month I will be showing online and in galleries around the West.

Next month you can find one of my assemblages at

“Secret” events at Arc Gallery, 1246 Folsom Street, San Francisco

Assemblage by dennis jordan

Assemblage by dennis jordan


Linus Galleries has selected two of my artworks for the Montage Online

Exhibition You can see the show at

Animal Soul by dennis jordan

Animal Soul by dennis jordan

In Bencia CA you can see my work at a show titled “Microcosmos”. Gallery 621 showcases Benicia, California, as a contemporary center of working and exhibiting artists, and a community of arts advocacy. The gallery is dedicated to increasing public awareness of, interest in, and education about contemporary art within the community of Benicia and the greater San Francisco Bay area

.sacred heart diver by dennis jordan

At CORE New Art Space  Denver, CO will be showing two works.

And finally two smaller works are at the White River Valley Museum in Auburn WA.

four to the end by dennis jordanthe lords descent to the earth

The Great Actors – assemblage

The Great Actors, for good and evil in the last days. This recycled frame became a shadowbox. The background is an old letter, weathered away at the edges, with a special key nailed the upper corner. Never forgotten place. Children’s blocks stacked on a piece of driftwood, reminder of better times, fun times at the beach cabin. Rusted people wait to climb the red ladder to their memories, all held down with red waxed cord.the great actors the great actors 2 the great actors 3 the great actors 4Item is for sale in my Etsy Shop