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Icon Wall Plaques by Dennis Jordan


These Catholic icon / wall plaques are a representation of the Virgin Mary with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Rich red wood framework worn by age, highlighted edges and lovingly designed and handcrafted by me, it presents an image of the Virgin Mary in a pink robe and the Sacred Heart of Jesus with a crown of thorns.

This collage has many elements with the large Mary and gold background. Sacred Heart wrapped in the crown of thorns in the lower section of the collage. Mary is looking down, maybe her eyes are closed, as we view the collage. The many circles behind Mary are to represent the symbol of eternity and are used here as a general representation of the Eternal God.

 The icon plaque on the far left : At 12 1/2 inches tall, 5 1/2 wide, this plaque has been made by me, from wood, and painted rich red tones. The paint has been worn away, through sanding, to represent an aged icon. An icon that has seen many years of prayer and devotion. The collage is 3½ inches wide, covered in Art Resin, that will preserve the artwork, and not yellow. This Virgin Mary Icon wall plaque would make a thoughtful housewarming gift.

The icon plaque on the right: Virgin Mary with hearts around the Sacred heart of Jesus. 

There is a small ledge that would allow a votive candle holder or offering.

There is a reverent beauty that exudes from this Virgin Mary icon. This is a wonderful gift that will be perfect in either the home or office. Back of plaque is stained dark brown with plastic supports to make it stand off from your wall. The plaque is about 2 and ½ inches deep. It has a wire across the back for hanging.

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