Online Puzzles


Online Puzzles have long been a much loved learning tool for educators. Giving your students a variety of puzzles enhances their educational experience at school.

Some of the skills that are improved by playing with puzzles:

  1. Cognitive skills: To help with problem solving and reasoning skills. 2. Fine motor skills. 3. Hand-eye coordination.  4. Social skills: Puzzles can be done alone but are also a great tool for cooperative play.  is a web page that contains a collection of small computer programs which implement one-player puzzle games. The actual games in this collection were mostly not the author’s invention; they are re-implementations of existing game concepts within his portable puzzle framework. The online games are easy for students to access.  Kids with love the challenge.

Benefits of Technology in Elementary School

Nowadays, technology has become so essential, so advanced in society that its integration into classroom instruction is imperative.  At Regan Elementary teacher Chris Chadd is a big believer in the benefits of technology in the classroom.  A quick review of the posting on Chris states  “I feel like it’s my job to prepare my students for what they’re going to face tomorrow, and it’s a scary future. I mean, we don’t know what we’re going to have to face, but I guarantee that technology is going to be in that future.”

Technology changes teaching in the capacity that it allows teachers to more thoroughly engage the students in specific assignments. Technology allows teachers to gain and hold on to a student’s attention and interest. It opens the door to a wide range of teaching possibilities and addresses special needs concerns, and equity within the classroom. Using visual and auditory technology through computer lessons or games may enhance all students learning abilities whom learn by visual, tactile, and auditory styles.

Even makes a good point for computers in the classroom.  The article states:  “Visible benefits have been seen in students who are exposed to more technology in classrooms and who use more technology at home for school-related purposes. Some students showed faster learning with a greater depth of understanding.”

Take a look at this blog   Bits ‘n Bytes is a blog created by Ann Carnevale (Instructional Technology Specialist), and geared for the elementary teachers. It is intended to be a vehicle for sharing information and news related to technology use and integration, as well as some of the best and most useful websites.

Or this one, where Elementary technology is taken to a new and exciting level.  Think pupil podcasts, biology blogs and high-tech, video-integrated online reports, all within the elementary classroom.

Lastly take a moment to review my collection of documents/weblinks in my LiveBinder site.  This collects the currentWashington State’s standards for educational technology and the trends for K-12 technology for 2010.



IXL in math

For elementary math learners, through 6th grade, this wonderful website fun for keeping track of the students math progress. For about $194.00 per school year per class, your eager learners can have access to an incredible array of problem sets that focus on very specific skills. The results all are saved with the students’ unique logins and, best of all, each student gets access to all of the pre-K to 6th grade material, making differentiation very manageable. Highly recommended.  Here is the link to the pdf brochure.

PowerPoint resources

I enjoy adding powerpoint to my teaching, yet I do feel the students get “tired” of my creations.  Pete’s Power Point Station provides me with wide selection of presentations.  Topics range from language arts to science, and 1600+ more topics.  Excellent resource for K- 5. Looking for more Power Point presentations try 7 Seven Engines for the other search point.  Looking for Power Point Games?  Try PowerPointGames excellent collection of the fun games kids like to play. Enjoy