Printmaking Tessellations

Recently I have enjoyed playing around with tessellations.  A tessellation has been defined as a pattern of shapes that repeats and interlocks. The pattern fills a surface without gaps or overlaps. Many webpages show simple methods for creating tessellations with younger art students. ( shows the PAPER CUT METHOD This tessellation lesson is easy and foolproof.
 Here are my examples:

tessellations one paper layout from dennis jordan's  site elementary assistant

My drawing using the paper cut method I found my shape, you can see my pencil lines from the original square I started with.

tessellations one drawing and lino

drawing, E-Z cut lino material and sketch of tessellation, here is the transfer to the E-Z cut lino material and notice my shape does not fit on the lino, and will be a separate section

from dennis jordan's  site elementary assistant

from dennis jordan’s site elementary assistant drawing transferred to the lino in reverse

Cutting the lino, from dennis jordan's site elementary assistant, creating tessellations in lino

Cutting the lino, staying close to the original drawing.

tessellations one 009

E-z cut lino all carved and cut out ready to proof.

tessellations one 011

inked and ready to print, two part tessellation

two color tessellation bird pattern from dennis jordan

new tessellations 008

Tessellation of ginkgo leaf pattern

new tessellations 007

simple tessellation created with left over E-z Cut lino material

What to do with that champagne cork and magic rub eraser

What to do with that champagne Cork and magic rub eraser? I created a stamp! magic rub lino cut 001

Using the cork bottom I traced the circle on a scrap paper, sketched out an idea, transfered to my Magic Rub Eraser (the worn one) and cut the graphic using my lino tools.  I was trying to achieve a tessellation.

After cutting the design, running a test inking, I cut the shape out.  Using my hotglue gun I adhered the eraser to the cork.

Not having an ink pad around, I just inked up my glass plate with Daniel Smith waterbased printmaking inks and rolled the purple ink on the eraser. Final test print below.

magic rub lino cut 06








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