Chalk Rubbing with a Guide – 5th grade art students

This morning the fifth grade students were treated to chalk rubbing on black paper using a template as a guide.

I introduced the lesson by having the students practice adding chalk to a guide/template of torn paper and rubbing it off onto a black sheet.  I encouraged the students to layer the chalk, before rubbing, and not moving the guide.  They Added more white chalk over the colored chalk, while holding down the torn paper guide.

Once they felt confident in the newly found technique, I gave out large sheets of black construction paper, and we discussed the Northern Lights.

Images of northern lights were shown to the class as their source of inspiration for this project.  We talked about the colors in the sky, foreground images, and background colors.

Each student received one half of a file folder to create a guide. 

Rubbing the chalk on to the manila folder first, then rubbing with a finger in one direction transfered the chalk to the black paper.

  Hills, clouds and northern lights were created quickly. Students were asked to create in the middle of the sheet, allowing for fingers, chalk and dust to collect on the near the edges.  (these will be trimmed off).  Here as a few of the completed artworks.