River Birch Trees – watercolor and black glue

Over the past few weeks I notice two art projects tagged in Pinterest I wanted to teach my students.  One a black glue drawing with watercolor resist, and the other a black glue drawing with the side of a credit card. 

Using the inspiration from a local River Birch I began to created.  I had one white glue about half full, and squirted in all of the black acrylic paint I had.  Mixing was not easy, and I was determined not to get another tool dirty. I selected a large sheet of Bristol paper, and my Costco card, and poured a large amount of black glue on a sheet of glass.  In the classroom I would use left over cardboard. 

 Dragging my credit card through the glue I went up and down the paper.  Stings of glue fell over my sheet, like fine branches, a very happy accident. I moved the card up and down, left and right, thinking this would look like bark.  Three trees, some branches, time to stop.  Walk away.  I allowed the sheet to dry over night.

The next day I washed the whole sheet with a light yellow water color, heavy with water, and sprinkled sea salt over the sheet.  And allowed it to dry.  Knocking the dry salt off, I went over the sheet with yellow watercolor to highlight the light and dark areas, watercolor wash in the bark areas with red, orange and yellow tones.  Once dry again, I washed the complete image with a light wash of blue to fill in the very top and very bottom of the image. 

In the classroom I would see this project as a two or three day project.  Incorporate another project with it, and work on two projects at the sametime, one always in a state of drying.